It's already time for a GIANT art weekend downtown!

Somehow, this week brings us June...and June Jubilee, the best art weekend of the year! There is Art on the Mall, Art in the Park, a giant Art Hop, plus the Do-Dah Parade!

Once again, for Art on the Mall, we will have two tables of brand new Amy Zane Jewelry right outside our door. If it rains, we'll simply move the party inside the store :)  Amy's been working hard to create a really unique collection this year--she's pretty proud of it, and hope you will be able to make it down to see us. (A few gorgeous stones are pictured below, but there is SO much more!)


As further incentive, we've snagged the famous Seth Pitt as our Art Hop artist--who's road tripping it once again to grace us with his awesomeness--and we know you don't want to miss that! 

Check out Amy's new Art Hop Collection:

Hope to see you this weekend!