February's Birthstone: Bright and Beautiful Amethyst

February is here! This month's beautiful birthstone is the bright and beautiful amethyst. Ranging in hues from light lilac to vivid purple, this stone is simply a classic.

Amy's lovely double drop amethyst earrings.

These double drop amethyst earrings would make a great gift for any February birthday, but they're so lovely and wearable that we won't tell if you gift them to yourself...

Long considered a powerful stone of protection, amethyst has been a favorite since ancient times and its allure isn't going away any time soon! From Greek mythology:

Amethyst was a young virgin who became the object of wrath of the Greek God Dionysus after he became intoxicated with red wine. When Amethyst cried out to Goddess Diana for help, she immediately turned the girl into a white, shimmering stone (quartz). When Dionysus realized what had happened and felt remorse for his actions, his tears dripped into his goblet of red wine. The goblet overturned, and the red wine spilled all over the white rock, saturating it until it became the purple quartz that is now known as Amethyst.

Catholic bishops, Grecian kings, even Saint Valentine himself prize the amethyst for its powers of protection, healing, and purity.

Holy wow! An excellent specimen of Amethyst Stalagtite.

Holy wow! An excellent specimen of Amethyst Stalagtite.

Of course, for the more daring, Amy loves the striking beauty of the Amethyst Stalactite, which is formed when the purple crystal forms on the outside of huge cave formations. Now that's a conversation starter!

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