January's Birthstone: Rich and Regal Garnet

January's birthstone is the beautifully deep and moody garnet. It's perfect for the first month of the year: garnet traditionally symbolizes rebirth, strength, and a fresh start. Garnet sprang to fame in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe: the Victorian era of jewelry. From the Latin for seed, red garnet resembles the jeweled seeds of a pomegranate!

Like winter berries against white winter snow, Garnet sure does pop!

The regal red variety shown here isn't the only shade, however; we have lovely green, yellow, and orange-hued garnets in store as well. Grossular garnet comes in a variety of earthy tones, and Hessonite garnet is found in lovely warm hues.

Grossular Green Garnet--seen here in Amy's lovely cascade-style necklace--ranges in hue from warm brown to vibrant green.

Even if traditional red garnet isn't your style, there is so much diversity in the garnet family! Stop in store or shop online for the perfect gift for January babies.