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Michigan has one of the best shaped states in America. While I am not originally from Michigan, I must admit that the shape of Michigan is pretty awesome. Let's face it, no other state citizens can use their hand to indicate their location as successfully as Michiganders. 

Artists love incorporating the state of Michigan into their work. The people of Michigan are a proud people and artists are eager to represent the state's shape in new and creative ways. In the store, we have a plethora of examples of fun, creative ways artists have interpreted the shape of Michigan and the Great Lakes. Here is a list of some of my favorites: 

Great Lakes Mugs by Ryan Taylor

These wonderful mugs come in two colors, green and brown. He does this wonderful glazing technique where the blue glaze from the top of the mug drips down into the recessed part of the Great Lakes which gives the appearance that the Great Lakes are filled with water. These mugs are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Also, he does not stop at mugs; he also has bowls, plates, platters and more! 

Michigan Wooden Spoon by Nick Nacks

Bring your love of Michigan into your kitchen with a Michigan wooden spoon! This hand carved spoon with the shape of Michigan as the head will be sure to impress your guests at dinner parties. 

Michigan T-Shirts by Michigan Outfitters

There are so many designs I cannot choose a favorite! Nonetheless, I love his designs. Michigan Outfitters uses the shape of Michigan as a base and incorporates an image, scene or setting into it in a very creative way. These shirts are preshrunk and we have mens, womens, and childrens sizes. If you find a design in the store you love but it we currently do not have it in your size, please let us know and we can order it for you. 

"You're Great" Card by City Bird

This may be my favorite card in the entire store, but I am a sucker for puns. The card reads " You're Great" next to an image of all the Great Lakes. While this card is playing off of the Great Lakes, I am still including it in this list because without the Great Lakes, Michigan and its distinctive shape would not exist. 


This is only a taste of the Michigan inspired pieces are available in the store. 

I want to put the Amy Zane readers up to a challenge. I have shared with you my favorite Michigan inspired items, now it is time for you to share your favorites with us! Comment or post an image of your favorite Michigan regalia either from Amy Zane: Store & Studio or from somewhere else. Let's show our Michigan pride! 



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