showcasing the fine, funky or functional creations of Michigan artists (and beyond)


Amy Zane: Store & Studio depends on a stellar team of artsy individuals. Together their synergy has created an exceptionally alluring gallery in Kalamazoo where almost anyone will find a piece of art that speaks to them.

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Amy Zane

Owner, jewelry designer, and Kalamazoo native Amy Zane specializes in handcrafted jewelry made of highly unusual and often rare quality gemstones. After a bad car accident 14 years ago in San Francisco and a lot of soul-searching, Amy began her career in jewelry design. She returned to her home state to open her first retail location, Fervor, and then a second, House*Wear, which quickly expanded to hold the work of over 250 local artists. After 5 years, life led her elsewhere. She closed her stores, began a simpler life with her husband in a tiny cabin in the woods, and had two wonderful daughters. In November of 2012 she returned--with passion renewed--to open a gallery in downtown Kalamazoo.



Julie Boylan

As gallery manager and and artist representative, Julie is essential to the daily functioning of the gallery--and Amy's sanity! Julie aims to create a whimsical and eclectic mix of funky and functional art, and has been doing so since she joined the team in 2013. Herself an amazing painter with a degree in Fine Arts, Julie scours the state for interesting and innovative artists who showcase their work in the store. As a native of Michigan's east side, her focus is on finding the talents of local artists with incredibly diverse talent to fill the store. She is also excellent at fostering relationships with our artists and the Kalamazoo art community, which is truly a hidden jewel in Southwest Michigan!




Amy Zane Jewelry

Amy Zane's beautiful gemstone jewelry utilizes the naturally beautiful stones of the Earth. Knowing that no one can create beauty superior to the unbelievable gemstones and minerals the Earth creates, Amy approaches design with a minimalist attitude, letting the talent of the Earth shine through. Her aim is to merely harness that Earthly beauty, transforming it into a piece of art that a woman can wear.

 Here is a list of many of our artists and their mediums:

Aerick Burton Photography • Amy Newhouse Illustration • Amy Zane Gemstone Jewelry • Anna Baird Illustration • Anna Shade Metalwork • Antique Pet Photos Collage • Ashley Benke Mixed Media • Ashley Stark Printmaking • Back Porch Glass Chimes Glasswork • Backerton Leather • Leather Goods • Bambüz Socks Hand-Dyed Socks • Barbarah Robertson Ceramics • Bella Joy Pottery Ceramics • Beth and Kevin Cragg Woodworking • Beth Swynenberg Paper Art • Bill Klinesteker Photography •  Bruce Wiegand Painting •  BWP Mixed Media •  Catherine Pampalone Mixed Media • Cathy Green Ceramics • Cento Anni Woodworking • Chad Caswell Photography • Cherie Haney Metalwork •  Cheyenne Sosman Jewelry • Coco Sweezy Painting • Colin Collins Photography • Crawford Wolfe Mixed Media • Cyberoptix Silk-screened Ties • Dan SmithWatercolor Painting • Dave Furchak Woodworking • Dawn Hollister Painting • Deborah Hoover Painting • Donna McCavitt Ceramics • Earthenwood CeramicsCeramics • Elegant Rose Boutique Soapmaking • Ellen Altamore Jewelry • Elly McKay Mixed Media • Emily Uchytil Painting • Fran Dwight Photography • Frederick Arndt Illustration • Gina Signore Painting • Grayling Ceramics Ceramics • Hali Williams Mixed Media • Holly Northrup Jewelry •  Iconic Detroit Mixed Media • In BlueLeatherworking • Jamie MerkelTextile Art • Jill Reyes Ceramics • John Sweezy Woodworking • Jorge Flores Photography •  Julie Boylan Painting • Justin Bernhardt Painting • Kandy Myny Illustration Kathy Kreager Sculpture • Kayli Rudd Ceramics • Kelly Gibb Jewelry • Kelly Jean Conroy Jewelry •   Laurie Swaney Upcycled Sculpture • Linda Standifer Textile Art • Linnea Tobias Painting • Lorraine Oerth Ceramics • Lisa Olivarez Painting • Marc Shade Printmaking • Marie Wright Ceramics • Mateo Hernandez Ceramics • Maureen Mitchell Jewelry • Michigan Outfitter Screenprinting • Midwest Opener Co. Metalworking • Mitra Farmand Illustration • Mixing Spirits Glassworking • Molly Jackson Stained GlassMountain Creative Ceramics • Mutual Adoration Woodworking • Nathifa Sligh Painting • Nick Clark Mixed Media • Peggy Frisbie Mixed Media • Rave'n Iron Jewelry • Rebecca Meyers Jewelry •  Rebecca Sinclair Painting • RedWorks by Megan Riley Mixed Media • Renae Baumgart Paper Art • Rhea Krengel Painting • Rich GowellWoodworking • Rick Fidler Vinyl Art • Robyn Smith Illustration • Ryan Taylor Ceramics • Sarah Lyons Jewelry •  Seth Pitt Illustration • Shandi McConnel CeramicsSharron Ott Painting • Stephanie Knispel Jewelry •  Sue Dix CeramicsSunflower Farms WoodworkingSusan McElfish Mixed MediaSusan Sabo Photography •  William Turner Ceramics